French label founded in Paris in 1953 and originally owned by Éditions Costallat.
Label Code : LC 0200 / LC 00200
Initially focused on recordings French composers and artists, and Renaissance and Baroque music.
Warner Music Group acquired Erato in 1992. After Warner acquired EMI Classics in 2013, many releases that were previously issued on EMI Classics and Virgin Classics, were reissued on the Erato label.

Catalog number prefixes used before 1992:
DP 'Les Discophiles De Paris' series, also used on reissues
EFM 'Fiori musicali' series, 4****. 10" (probably correspondent to STE 6****)
ELP 45 rpm(EP), *** numbers.
LDEV 45 rpm with *** numbers, and 10" with 2*** numbers.
LDE monaural. 1*** for EP, 2*** for 10", and 3*** for 12". LDE 3063~3215 were partly issued as STE 50001~50115.
STE stereo. 50001~50312 for 12", and 60*** for 10". After STE 50117, all of the STE issues have correspondent monaural ones in LDE serial
"STE number = LDE number + 46900". For example, STE 50117 = LDE 3217.
STU stereo, maintained after about 1968 for both new issues(no monaural releases from then on) and reissue of STE serials.
70001~70312 for STE reissue (STE 5**** = STU 7****), and new issue after 70313.
EJA & EJAS ; The early time of the advent of the stereo LPs, Erato issued a special luxurious series 'Jardin des Arts(Garden of Arts)'. I saw 14 titles, but not sure what the exact number of all the titles is and whether all the titles were issued by both the monaural (EJA serial) and stereo(EJAS serial).

Copyright holding company: Erato Disques S.A.

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