Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab

Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab
Established in 1977 by Brad Miller, MFSL specializes in remastering major-label music for the "audiophile" market. CD releases began in 1984.

Copyright dates are often left unchanged from the original release; Most MFSL releases are issued a year or so later, please leave release date blank if you are unsure.
First Gold Ultradisc™ CD: 1987-02
First Gold Ultradisc II™ (Made in USA) CD: 1992-09

Please add all branded labels to MFSL releases. A label logo=label.

Catalog (with dates) of MFSL releases on "Sites" section.

Items released commercially as numbered editions were frequently also released as unnumbered promotional copies. These promos should be entered separately from the numbered retail copies.
At least the releases from the first three years were limited editions throughout and wear a sticker with this information on the shrink.

In an email dated 17 December 2018, Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs Customer Service confirms that \“all of [their releases are remastered by [their Sound Labs. No exceptions.\” Please see for full emails and discussion.

Known mastering / cutting engineers to have worked there:
Krieg Wunderlich
Paul Stubblebine
Shawn R. Britton
Stan Ricker
Rob LoVerde
Jack Hunt

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