Babylon Whores, - Pride Of The Damned
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Pride Of The Damned

Label Svart Records ‎– SVR256
Format Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue Vinyl, LP, Compilation Vinyl, LP, Compilation Vinyl, LP Box Set, Compilation, Limited Edition
Barcode 6430050661250
Country Finland
Released 11 Feb 2014
Genre Rock
Style Deathrock, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Punk
Cold Heaven (1997)
I-A1 Deviltry
I-A2 Omega Therion
I-A3 Beyond The Sun
I-A4 Metatron
I-A5 Enchiridion For A Common Man
I-B1 In Arcadia Ego
I-B2 Babylon Astronaut
I-B3 Flesh Of A Swine
I-B4 Cold Heaven
King Fear (1999)
II-A1 Errata Stigmata
II-A2 Radio Werewolf
II-A3 Hand Of Glory
II-A4 Veritas
II-A5 Skeleton Farm
II-B1 To Behold The Suns Below
II-B2 Exit Eden
II-B3 Sol Niger
II-B4 Fey
II-B5 King Fear: Song For The Damned
Death Of The West (2002)
III-A1 Life Fades Away
III-A2 Hell Abloom
III-A3 Mother Of Serpents
III-A4 Lucibel (The Good Spirits Of Europe)
III-B1 Dating With Witchcraft
III-B2 Death In Prague
III-B3 A Pale Horse Against Time
III-B4 Eveningland
Deggael (1998) - Trismegistos (1996)
IV-A1 Dog Star A
IV-A2 Sol Niger
IV-A3 Somniferum
IV-A4 Omega Therion (V2)
IV-A5 Emerald Green
IV-A6 Deggael: A Rat's God
IV-B1 Love Under Will
IV-B2 Hellboy
IV-B3 Speed Doll
IV-B4 Beyond The Sun
IV-B5 Trismegistos
V-A1 Of Blowjobs And Cocktails
V-A2 Cold Hummingbird
V-A3 Babylon Astronaut
V-A4 Silver Apples
V-A5 Cool
V-A6 Third Eye
V-A7 East Of Earth
V-B1 Methadon Slut (Babysitter Version)
V-B2 Third Eye (Babysitter Version)
V-B3 Errata Stigmata (St. Vitus' Dance Mix)
V-B4 Fey (Single Version)
VI-A1 Omega Therion (Demo)
VI-A2 Enchiridion For A Common Man (Demo)
VI-A3 Metatron (Demo)
VI-A4 Deviltry (Demo)
VI-A5 Flesh Of A Swine (Demo)
VI-B1 World Without End (Death Of The West Outtake)
VI-B2 Crown Of Iron (Cold Heaven Session)
VI-B3 Hellboy (Cold Heaven Session)
VI-B4 Love Under Will (Cold Heaven Session)
VI-B5 Deggael (Acoustic)
VI-B6 Methadon Slut (Version)
Arranged By [All Arrangements By] – Babylon Whores (I-A1 to I-B4, II-A1 to II-B5)
Artwork [Additional Work, On 'Cold Heaven'] – Janne Peltonen
Artwork [Cover Art, 'A Knight At The Crossroads'] – Viktor Vasnetsov
Artwork [Original Cover Art By, On 'King Fear'] – Stephen O'Malley
Artwork [Original Engravings By, On 'Death Of The West'] – Albrecht Dürer
Artwork [Sleeve & Insert Art Executed By, On 'Cold Heaven'] – Vesa Ala-Seppälä
Band [On 'King Fear'] – Antti Litmanen
Band [On 'King Fear'] – Ike Vil
Band [On 'King Fear'] – Jake Babylon
Band [On 'King Fear'] – Pete Liha
Bass – Daniel Stuka (III-A1 to III-B4)
Bass – Ewo Meichem (V-A5 to V-A7)
Bass – Jake Babylon (I-A1 to I-B4, IV-B1 to IV-B5, VI-A1 to VI-A5)
Design [Original Booklet Design, On 'Death Of The West'] – Jukka Mikander
Design [Visual Design Via, On 'Deggael'] – Steppenwulf
Drums – Pete Liha (III-A1 to III-B4, V-A1 to V-A7)
Drums – Kouta (I-A1 to I-B4, IV-B1 to IV-B5, VI-A1 to VI-A5)
Engineer – Ahti Kortelainen (I-A1 to I-B4, IV-A1 to IV-A6, VI-B2 to VI-B4)
Engineer – Antti Lindell (II-A1 to II-B5, III-A1 to III-B4)
Engineer – Ari Hämäläinen (V-A5 to V-A7)
Engineer – Hiili Hiilesmaa (IV-B1 to IV-B5)
Engineer – Jussi Konttinen (VI-A1 to VI-A5)
Engineer – Kaide Hinkkala (II-A1 to II-B5, III-A1 to III-B4)
Guitar [Gtr] – Antti Litmanen (I-A1 to I-B4, III-A1 to III-B4, IV-A1 to IV-B5, VI-A1 to VI-B4)
Guitar [Gtr] – Ewo Meichem (I-A1 to I-B4, V-A5 to V-A7)
Guitar [Gtr] – Ewo (IV-B1 to IV-B5)
Guitar [Gtr] – Ewo Smörrebröd (V-A1 to V-A4)
Guitar [Gtr] – Jussi Konttinen (V-A1 to V-A7)
Keyboards [Kb] – Ike Vil (I-A1 to I-B4, III-A1 to III-B4)
Layout [Booklet] – Ungo F.
Mastered By – Pauli Saastamoinen (II-A1 to II-B5)
Mastered By [Box Set Mastered For Vinyl By, At Noise For Fiction] – Joona Lukala
Mastered By [Vinyl Mastering By] – Antti Haapapuro (VI-A1 to VI-A5, VI-B2 to VI-B4)
Mixed By – Ahti Kortelainen (I-A1 to I-B4, IV-A1 to IV-A6, VI-B2 to VI-B4)
Mixed By – Hiili Hiilesmaa (II-A1 to II-B5, III-A1 to III-B4)
Mixed By [With] – BW (I-A1 to I-B4, IV-A1 to IV-A6)
Percussion – Pete Liha (III-A1 to III-B4)
Photography By [Book Photos] – Anna-Kaisa Rehunen
Photography By [Book Photos] – Anne Toivanen
Photography By [Book Photos] – Antti Litmanen
Photography By [Book Photos] – Aurelia
Photography By [Book Photos] – Damhair
Photography By [Book Photos] – Jouni Viitala
Photography By [Book Photos] – Kimmo Rauatmaa
Photography By [Book Photos] – Miguel Vera
Photography By [Book Photos] – Milla Sarin
Photography By [Book Photos] – Olli Sallinen
Photography By [Book Photos] – Tina K.
Photography By [Book Photos] – Toni Härkönen
Photography By [Book Photos] – Vertti Teräsvuori
Photography By [Book Photos] – Vesa Ala-Seppälä
Photography By [On 'Cold Heaven'] – Toni Härkönen
Photography By [Photos By, On 'Deggael'] – Anna Pienimäki
Photography By [Photos By, On 'Deggael'] – Tina Korhonen
Producer – Antti Litmanen (II-A1 to II-B5)
Producer – Ike Vil (II-A1 to II-B5)
Transferred By [Digital Transfer From Tape By] – Santeri Pienimäki (VI-A1 to VI-A5, VI-B2 to VI-B4)
Vocals [Vox] – Ike Vil
Includes 100 page book and a poster.

Pressing quantities:

300 x black (this release)

100 x silvery grey

200 x Mithraic oxblood red

[url=]Devil's Meat 7"[/url] (V-A5 to V-A7) recorded at Studio Equaliz, Helsinki 2/94. Engineered by Ari Hämäläinen.

Limited pressing of 300 (250 vegetarian, 50 meat lovers).

[url=]Sloane 313[/url] (V-A1 to V-A4) recorded and mixed at Studio Tarzan, Helsinki, October 1994.

[url=]Trismegistos[/url] (IV-B1 to IV-B5) recorded at MD Studio, Helsinki, March 1996. Engineered by Hiili Hiilesmaa.

[url=]Deggael[/url] (IV-A1 to IV-A6) recorded at Tico Tico Studio, Kemi, November 1997. Engineered and mixed by Ahti Kortelainen w/BW.

[url=]Cold Heaven[/url] (I-A1 to I-B4) recorded at Tico Tico Studio, alKemi, Finland, February 1997.

Engineered and mixed by Ahti "Mummo" Kortelainen w/BW.

Cold Heaven Demo (VI-A1 to VI-A5) recorded at Heptagram Dungeon, Babylon Whores rehearsal place, Uudenmaankatu, Helsinki 1996.

Engineered by Jussi Konttinen (we think) on a decrepit 4-tracker, not really mixed by anyone.

[url=]King Fear[/url] (II-A1 to II-B5) recorded at Hellhole Studio, Helsinki, Spring 1999 E.V. Engineered by Antti Lindell and Kaide Hinkkala.

Mixed by Hiili Hiilesmaa at Finnvox. Mastered by Pauli Saastamoinen at Finnvox.

[url=]Death Of The West[/url] (III-A1 to III-B4) recorded at Hellhole Studio, Helsinki, Finland, Winter 2001-2002.

Engineered by Kaide Hinkkala and Antti Lindell. Mixed by Hiili Hiilesmaa at Finnvox, January 2002. Original engravings by Albrecht Dürer.

Ritter, Tod un Teufel (1513), Sol Justitiae (1499), Melencolia I (1514).

Unreleased songs:

Tracks V-B1 & V-B2, Punk+ version, Tarzan Studio, Helsinki, 1995. Engineer unknown.

Track VI-B1 recorded in 'Death Of The West' sessions.

Tracks VI-B2 to VI-B4 recorded in 'Cold Heaven' sessions.

Track VI-B6, first version from 'Devil's Meat' sessions.


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