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Lot Of Music is run by Paul Morsch and Mariska Morsch, father and daughter.

We are very happy to welcome you at our website! We are working daily to add new items to increase the product range. Didn't find what you were looking for? Thanks to our knowledge, experience and cooperation with various suppliers worldwide, we probably can join forces to find the item for you.

Lot Of Music also exists as source of music information, like blogs, music news, new releases and discounts.


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Paul Morsch


Born in the late sixties, musically formed in the seventies and eighties; with that I immediately refer to the three decades in which so much beautiful music was created. Glued to the transistor radio to take in everything that happened. The Evening Rush, Soul Show, Curry and Van Inkel, And the Beat Goes On. Influenced by all these radio shows, I often changed my music style. From Rock, Electronic, Soul / Funk, Disco, Italo Disco to Classic House. But especially New Wave and typically 80's.

What impressed me the most is Pink Floyd's Psychedelic Rock. And especially the album The Final Cut. I bought the LP when it first came out, when I had a cold. And still when I listen to the album, I experience the state of that time. It made such a deep impression on me. That is exactly what music can do to you.

Music in the broadest sense has therefore always played a major role. Founded a pirate station with some friends, compiled and sold cassettes and immediately scored new vinyl with that money in the import record stores in The Hague and Rotterdam. In the end the private collection got out of hand and I had to rent a building for storage. And that's where the idea was born to turn my hobby into my job. I have really never regretted it.

Music means everything to me. Thanks to the music, I get the opportunity to connect people again and again. There is just so much beautiful to hear! It is my passion and ambition to share this as widely as possible.

Mariska Morsch


Hi, my name is Mariska and I have been working with great pleasure for Lot Of Music since September 2021. I received my Bachelor of Arts in 2018 and then worked for a few years in various television productions. In 2019 I started my own company; Morsch Media, so I could work as a freelancer. After a few years I felt it was time for the next challenge. It has always kept my interest in entrepreneurship. My father has been working for himself for as long as I can remember and a lot of attention was paid to this during my education. With Lot Of Music, which my father ran alone for years, things got better and better. From one day to the next I decided to stop my current work and to run Lot Of Music together with my father. An exciting step, but I don't regret it!

Working in a company that revolves around music is also not an illogical step. Ever since I was little I have heard different kinds of music. My father always had music playing in the house and was always busy playing LPs, CDs and so on. Our house was actually too small for his LP collection. Even on holidays he secretly put selected music on my Ipod. I think its highlight was that I could then sing it along.

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